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Consulting for Commercial Vehicle Dealerships and Service Centers

Besson Consulting is comprised of Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Commercial Dealership Experts with over 100 years of combined industry specific, on the ground experience. Our experts use proven industry standards and real-world experience to partner with dealership groups seeking assistance. Together we will develop and implement action plans while capitalizing on your locations strengths and addressing weaknesses.

Our experienced team will work side by side with you and your staff to analyze specific needs, or your entire business model. We provide an in-depth total dealership analysis, specific department metrics or can utilize our creative plug and play model. Collectively, we will create the necessary KPI’s to meet your company goals for profitability.

Let us develop a custom dealership improvement plan to meet your specific needs including but not limited to the following

Total Dealership

Detailed Review, Analysis and Recommendations, if needed:
  • Customer Service
  • Financials & Budgeting
  • Industry Standards vs. Actuals
  • Personnel, Semi-Fixed & Fixed Operations
  • Expense Structure
  • Dealership Efficiencies
  • Business Mix and Growth Potential
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Daily Tracking vs. Actuals
  • Asset Management
  • Departmental Compensations Strategies
  • Departmental KPI Development

Parts Department

Detailed Review, Analysis and Recommendations, if needed:
  • Inventory Control
  • Inventory- Physical, Process, Fill Rates & Cycle Counts
  • Inventory Stock Orders and Allowance
  • Core Management
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Warehouse and Delivery
  • Parts Staff Training and Development
  • Outside Sales- OPS
  • Customer Account- Current vs. Potential
  • Communication Process- Internal and External
  • Compensation Reviews and Strategies

Service Department
& Body Shop

Detailed Review, Analysis and Recommendations, if needed:
  • Repair Order Process Flow
  • Triage and Express Assessment
  • Scheduling, Estimating and Pricing
  • Technician Efficiency, Productivity and Proficiency
  • Technician Training and Pay Incentives
  • Technician Recruitment Strategy
  • Service Staff Training and Development
  • Outside Sales- OPS
  • Mobile Service
  • Communication Process
  • Compensation Reviews and Strategies
  • Communication Process- Internal and External

New and Used Truck
Sales Department

Detailed Review, Analysis and Recommendations, if needed:
  • Sales Process
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Inventory Management
  • Aging Disposition Strategies
  • Ordering, Projections and Allocations
  • Flooring, Costs, Assistance and Recovery
  • Market knowledge and coverage
  • Valuation

Plug & Play

Are you short staffed? Hiring the perfect fit can take a while. Besson Consulting can fill the gap until you take your time to find that right fit for your organization.
  • Parts Front Counter Representative
  • Parts Back Counter Representative
  • Parts Management
  • Service Counter Representative
  • Service Foreman
  • Service Management
  • Mobile Service Management
  • Body Shop Management
  • General or Executive Management

Why Besson Consulting?

Our Professionals Are Experts In Parts, Service, Body Shop, New And Used Trucks.
Ground Level To Executive Level, We Find Solutions While Getting Back To The Basics.

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